Luanda - Angola




(+244) 934 798 531

15 000 000,00 AOA
Fifteen Million Kwanzas


Rights and Advantages

Exclusivity of participation in the activity sector;
Institutional Message, in person or on video (5 Minutes);
Advertising (in a 30’’ video) before, at the break and after the event (material provided by the sponsor);
Distribution of sponsor's promotional material and exhibition space;
6x3 m of exhibition area for advertising at the event site (3 commercials);
15 Congress Participation Tickets;
Participation of 6 employees in the mini-courses;
50% discount on the monetary amount payable for each additional participant.

  • Logo in the background during the event;
  • Institutional logo on event promotional material;
  • Institutional logo on the banners at the event venue;
  • Logo on the event website with a link to the sponsoring company's page;
  • Logo on the event and post-event publicity newsletter;
  • Logo in the opening video;
  • Logo on the tab during break periods of the event.
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